In 1997, M3 Office Inc. was started with a simple idea: Customers should be at the center of our world and drive all of our decisions.

We know that space is an important part of keeping a company working smoothly. For people to create and innovate, they must have places to interact and work tools to support their activities. As a Herman Miller dealer, we represent a brand that is known for quality and innovation. It’s the best source for products that are both timely and timeless.


M3 Office Inc. founders Patti Murphy and Terry McCarthy have worked together since 1978 and have been business partners since 1997.

Both had been senior executives with a major furniture manufacturer, with experience at all levels of the business, with all sorts of clients. They felt they could take the corporate experience and apply it to their business to create something new — a boutique firm that was able to provide extraordinary customer service with the discipline of a large company.

I believe our work spaces ought to inspire us, energize us. And since this is often the first impression you’re making on your clients and potential employees, it ought to reflect your business at its best.

For Patti, the challenge — and the reward — is in figuring out the function of a job and then integrating the right product solution to create a workplace her clients like to come to.

“I realized early on in my career that what I enjoyed most was getting to know people and finding out what they need,” she explains. “At M3, we’re not just selling products — we’re partnering with our clients to create spaces where their businesses can thrive.”

Terry’s strengths are in developing people and growing the business to be financially strong. He’s able to create strong and loyal relationships with both his customers and his employees.